My Five Winter Essentials

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Here in Tennessee the weather is finally starting to feel cold now that it’s January and I feel like I can officially call it winter. So I felt it was time to do a blog post about some of the things I can’t live without during the winter season.

1. Candles  

Having two cats and two dogs, I’m obsessed with anything that makes my house smell nice. This Cinnamon Chai Fox WoodWick Candle is adorable and an absolute favorite of mine. My boyfriend’s mom bought this for me for Christmas and I’m obsessed! The smell is amazing and I love that it crackles like a fire place.

2.  Dark nail polish and lipstick

During the spring and summer, I typically like to keep my it minimal and wear Baby Lips, but the fall and winter call for something a little bolder to add drama  to those gloomy days. Because I’m so fair skinned, I like to go for a red lip. I’ve been using the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 11 from the Kate Moss collection. The colors in this collection are beautiful and last for hours without a need for reapplication. As a college student who can’t always buy higher end products, I’m always on the look out for a lipstick that’s affordable, but still looks flawless.

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3. Coffee and tea

I’m a coffee drinker all year round, having at least a cup every morning. During the winter months, however, there’s never a bad time have a hot beverage in your hand. I always keep my pantry stocked with several different kinds of coffee and teas.

4. A book

Obviously if you have a hot beverage, the only other thing you need is a book to have a cozy night in (and with a candle that crackles like a fire place? I’m in heaven.) Right now I’m reading The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. I have to say that the book – especially the second one – is vastly different from the movie. Then again, what book nerd doesn’t say that?

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5. Lotion 

When it gets cold, my skin starts dry up and it gets flaky. The first few weeks are usually the worst so I need something that will bring moisture back to my face. I picked up this Cocoa Butter, because it specified that it had intense moisture for extremely dry skin. It’s pretty thick so in the mornings it doesn’t take much to moisturize my skin. At night, I love to put more on and let it soak in while I sleep. It’s worked wonders for me and helped clear up the dry patches.

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What are your must haves for the winter?

~ Nilla


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