Boho vibes and flower crowns

Photo credit: Briar Burkhead




I’ve never actually been to a music festival before, but I would imagine this is something I would wear if I bothered to go to one. This dress (find something similar here) has become a favorite of mine recently, as it gives off this 70s flower child vibe. It’s a faux suede with billowy sleeves and it flows beautifully. When I first bought it from Plato’s Closet (yes I know, I have an obsession) the inner child in me couldn’t help twirling around to watch the skirt fan out.



What I’ve been adoring is how this can be dressed up or down. For this occasion, I wanted to keep the bohemian vibe by pairing it with lace flats. However, I also wore this dress on Valentine’s Day when I went out to eat with my then boyfriend (now fiancé) and paired it with dark velvet wedges. I can’t even describe to you how perfect that combination was. I’ll definitely have to show off those beauties sometime on the blog.

This tiny, but cute flower crown that I’m wearing is something that I picked up at Delia’s last summer and haven’t gotten much use out of, but I’m hoping that will change. Maybe I should pick up on the choker trend instead. If Taylor Swift says it’s the new flower crown, then I won’t question it. Besides, I have a thing for 90s trends so I can get down with that.



bohofullbody-horizontal copy

On a side note, my 22nd birthday is coming up on the 28th and I’ll be getting my tattoo finished that weekend. I’ll probably do some kind of tattoo update whenever it’s healed, because I fully expect it to be gorgeous. I’m also graduating from Middle Tennessee State University on May 7th. Is it too much of a cliche to start talking about how time flies by? Yeah, probably.




So what does everyone else think about flower crowns? Are you as fired up as I am about getting to wear them for the spring/summer or is it just a fun Snapchat filter now?







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