Life Update: New Job, New Home, New Car


I’d be lying if I said the past few months have been a breeze for me. Life has been pretty hectic lately, but finally things are starting to settle into place.

Let’s start from the beginning: Recently I graduated from college at Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Almost immediately, I moved back home to be closer to family after my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. I hadn’t really planned on moving back home before, but it’s been nice to see everyone and has made it much easier to plan my wedding.

“Outfit of the Week – Maxi Dress Daydream” post at (Photo: taken by Briar Burkhead and edited by Emily Austin)
Photo: taken by Briar Burkhead and edited by Emily Austin

At the end of May, I landed a job as the Social Media Editor at the Plato’s Closet in Jackson, TN. As Editor, I’ve taken over all their social media including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (soon there will also be a Snapchat!) I also launched their first fashion blog called Plato’s Closet Fashion Preferred. Most of my time has been devoted to growing it, which is why this blog has become so neglected.

Although I’m pretty  bummed I haven’t gotten to work much on my personal blog lately, I’m also thrilled to have this opportunity. It’s been exciting getting to work with clothes and get paid to write from home!  As someone who shopped for four years at Plato’s Closet to afford cute clothes during college, this is more than just any store for me. Where else can you find all your favorite brands at a cheap price all at one place?

Vogue magazines featured on the Plato’s Closet Jackson, TN Instagram. Follow us at @platosclosetjacksontn. (Photo by: Emily Austin)
Boots you can purchase at the Plato’s Closet store in Jackson, TN that were featured on our Instagram (Photo by: Emily Austin)

While the job is great, I had trouble finding a place to live for a while. After college, my fiancé and I moved in at my Mom’s until we could find a place to rent. Unfortunately that took longer than we expected. The rental company that owns all the good houses here wouldn’t let us rent from them, because we own a German Shepherd. Apparently they’re a “dangerous breed.” I know. I felt they should have been willing to meet my dog before saying I can’t rent any of the homes. Through sheer luck, we met a woman who was moving out of her home and willing to rent it out to us. We’ve been living here for a little over a week now and it feels so nice to have my own space again!

The viscous beast that rental properties cower away from (Photo by: Briar Burkhead)

On Monday, I also got a new car (pre-owned actually, but what-ev’s because it’s amazing.) As if my life hasn’t been hectic enough, my old car decided to to stop running. It would have cost more to fix than it was worth, so my fiancé and I decided to be grown ups and get a good car. It’s safe to say that I’m in love with it<3

A 2015 Nissan Sentra that my fiancé and I recently got.

Things are starting to settle down… a little bit. Lately, I’ve been working on customizing my wedding dress. In November, I’ll be photographing my first wedding for a coworker and in mid October I’ll be getting my own engagement photos done. I know both are going to look so beautiful in the fall weather! If the wedding photography that I’m doing for my coworker goes well, I’m considering opening up myself for hire as a photographer. I know that I’ll need more practice and better lenses, but everyone has to start somewhere!

This year has been a crazy one for me and will probably continue to be. However, I’m hoping I can figure out a schedule so I can begin updating this blog regularly again. If you’re interested in regular fashion content, please subscribe to the Plato’s Closet blog. The maxi dress photos were a part of a post that I did there and the boots and vogue pictures are from the Instagram. Here are a few more photos of what you can expect:

An upcoming Outfit of the Week post that will be featured on (Photo: taken by Briar Burkhead and edited by Emily Austin)
“Outfit of the Week – Fashionably Floral” featured on (Photo: taken by Briar Burkhead and edited by Emily Austint
Photo: taken by Briar Burkhead and edited by Emily Austin

On a side note, aren’t you guys just loving the Pokemon Go app? It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with it. It’s been doing a pretty good job at keeping me occupied while I wait for Sun and Moon to come out in November. I found a Snorlax one day while I was at Walmart. How hilarious and perfect is that?



What’s you favorite Pokemon that you’ve caught or are wanting to catch?

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