The Alley on Main

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Enjoying a delicious meal at The Alley on Main with my boyfriend (All photo credit: Briar Bulkhead).

Last weekend, my boyfriend Briar and I decided to try a place we have had our eye on for some time called The Alley. It’s a very small, intimate setting with dim lighting, twinkling lights and amazing food. We were lucky enough to be seated by a huge window and I loved being able to watch people walking their dogs (and secretly snapchatting them.)

We started off with drinks and a shrimp cocktail, which is something I have secretly always wanted to order. I don’t know why, but shrimp cocktails make me feel like I’m classy or something. For the drinks, I ordered a Wildberry Mojito and Briar decided to get the Tennessee Mule. Mine was delicious and fruity, but I think I preferred the Tennessee Mule to it. The ginger beer and Jack Daniels in it was perfect and blended tastefully.

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